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Global warming and climate changes are today subjects that are a great cause for concern for scientists as well as the common person. It is the rise in average temperature of the world resulting from rampant de-forestation and loss of green cover, rising pollution levels and emission of harmful greenhouse gasses. The slow but perceptible rise in temperatures has already begun to impact the world in catastrophic ways. Rising sea levels, melting ice caps, droughts and heatwaves and lower food output are some of the disasters that have already begun to be felt around the world.

Even in the midst of a purely man made scenario, the level of awareness on this critical issue is limited largely to scientists working in this field and others who have already started to feel the negative impact. This is where http://www.gooblewarming.com.au comes into the picture. Our blog site is dedicated to studying the various factors that affect global warming and climate change and what research and studies are being presently carried out to lessen its impact on the world.

Our team of core bloggers and researchers are as worried about the prevailing global scenario as any common person. Our goal and objective is to increase awareness on the subject and highlight the efforts being made to halt this dangerous slide. We take readers behind the scenes and give an insight into the policies adopted by different Governments to ban rampant de-forestation. In most countries any industry has to install systems to prevent emission of harmful greenhouse gasses into the environment. These and much more can be had from our site through detailed and incisive blogs.

Even though we have a group of writers, we have adopted an interactive approach with our readers. Hence, we have guest bloggers who are experts on global warming and have experience in conducting research on this subject. Our blogs are therefore credible and authentic and all news, information and updates posted on our site can be absolutely relied on.

Any blogger who is as passionate on the topic of climate change and as deeply concerned about the global scenario as we are can also feel free to contribute to our site. All blogs should be original unpublished pieces. We will inform by email once they are posted on our site.